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It was in 2012 that Christiane Grignani decided to form her own group.

Personality of the Paca region known for the promotion of several orchestras and artists, she wishes

create a complete training of singers and dancers of which she would be the manager and press officer.

Laetitia Marchesi sang in the orchestra " The ocean runners ", finding Nadège

it was with them that the idea began to germinate.

Right away, the choice of a show featuring the greatest hits of the 80s

seemed obvious.

The FlashBack Top 80's and their time-honored singing machine!

The group crisscrosses France by taking up the biggest world hits of the 80s and disco .

This summer they will still be present to make you relive those legendary years.

Take out your sequins and your fluorescent clothes, the FlashBack top 80's are coming to your home with music!

It's the dance machine on stage!

Composed of seven artists, the group exists thanks to the will of their artistic agent

Christiane GRIGNANI (key figure in the Toulonnaise area)

Anthony Auda is the tenor of this formation. A singer with a powerful voice and a sharp interpretation. Coming from great music schools and accustomed to stages of musicals,

it unleashes crowds and capsizes hearts.

Coralie and Laetitia are the two female performers.

These two singers with exceptional voices are known and recognized by

the biggest stages of the SOUTH PACA region.

Stéphanie , Victoria , Zabou and Mel , alias "the princesses March 2", as for them, will show you

the perfect attitude to adopt to move your bodies "under the flashes of strobes".

A sound and light show

Perfectly orchestrated by Pierre Golési at the control room with his team.

Among our references:

The CCI du Var, the Partouche casino in Hyères, Radio France Bleue Provence, l'Escal in La Londe, Le Jungle Beach, the town halls or festival committees of Toulon, (the music festival place de La Liberté June 2017) Trets , Le Lavandou, Gonfaron, Solliès-Pont, Cavalière, La Crau, La Londe, Ollioules, Tourves, Saint-Mandrier, the campsites of Ramatuelle, Cogolin, St-Tropez, Bastia, Ile Rousse, Lyon, Normandy, etc.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.


Christiane Grignani

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

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